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I’m Roger Atwood.
I write about art, archaeology and culture for a wide variety of publications, often from Latin America or the Middle East. I’m a Contributing Editor for Archaeology magazine and a Correspondent for ARTnews. Welcome to my homepage - it’s about the only place I stand still.


Easter Island feels like another planet, and to its first Polynesian settlers, it really was another planet, in a sense. Another stray rock in the cosmos. Click right after the last word in the excerpt below to read my story in the TLS.

"Centuries of folklore and knowledge were lost, and in its place a melodramatic pseudo-history of man-eaters and self-induced catastrophe arose."



– Chicago Sun-Times

“A perfect detective story”

– The Washington Post

“Compelling, thorough, firsthand”

– American Journal of Archaeology

By Mario Silva, with an
Introduction by Roger