My photography has appeared in major magazines and newspapers, including in Stern, Bild, The Miami Herald, Archaeology, ARTnews and Reuters.  Often they accompany my articles; other times they are added to in-house archives.

Archaeology, January/February 2003

Photo: Roger Atwood
Stern, December 8, 2005

Photo: Roger Atwood
Archaeology, September/October 2006

Photo: Roger Atwood
Life moves slowly in the village of Chapeltique, El Salvador, where the best view is from the church
belfry. To read one of Roger's reports on the 2009 Salvadoran elections in Mother Jones,
click here.

Photo: Roger Atwood
A man keeps watch over his sheep and the ruins of a 9th Century mosque near Balkh, Afghanistan.
To read Roger's article on Afghanistan in the June 2008 issue of National Geographic, click here.

Photo: Roger Atwood
San Salvador volcano rises behind the Maya site of Ceren in El Salvador. To read an abstract of
Roger's report from Ceren in the July/August 2009 issue of Archaeology, click here.
(The full article is not yet available online.)

Photo: Roger Atwood