Privacy Policy

By law I have to write a privacy policy for this site. Not being a lawyer (although I am married to one), I’m not completely sure what that should entail, but here’s an attempt.

I don’t collect personal data on anybody who visits this site, for any purpose, period. Ever.

I do occasionally consult Google Analytics to see how many people visit this site, and from which states or countries. The information derived from Google Analytics is rather general and in no way individualized. It is brute data. It will show that, for example, 25 people in South Carolina (or Saudi Arabia, or Saskatchewan, or…) visited this site last week. That’s it. It won’t say which parts of the site a particular visitor looked at or how much time he or she spent on the site, much less who those visitors are. You can get more information on Google’s privacy policy here.

You are welcome to write me with comments on articles, blog entries, graphics, or other parts of this site. My Email address is on the Contacts page of this site.